"Thinking in our Future"

The Problem

The cleaning of the beaches is a constant challenge in the Tourist areas.

The cleaning with the current equipment will kill the fauna of the beach, compact the sand and pollute the environment.

Manual cleaning is poor and expensive.

The Solution


Autonomous, ecologically correct and effective, equipment for the daily cleaning of beaches.

  • Electric
  • Recharge via photovoltaic cells
  • Do not spill oil or fuel
  • Light, does not kill wildlife
  • Facilitates the recycling of waste

Ecologically correct

  • It costs 60% of manual cleaning
  • Does not require operator or supervision
  • Generates carbon credits
  • No need to be immobilized
  • Zero impact on the schedule of beaches

Economically correct

  • Removes all types of detritus
  • Dispense trash in appropriate place
  • You can clean the beach at dawn.
  • Circumvent obstacles
  • Generates alarms and reports


The Product

Want to know more about the project?

Watch the project presentation video or write to us.

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